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Interfaith Interns Emerson Wells and Brittney Hope share an introduction to Holi.

A child in India talks about how he and his family celebrate Holi.



A Note On This Year's Celebration


Happy Holi! We couldn’t have a “normal” Elon Holi celebration due to the pandemic, so we organized this year’s event to be physically distanced and as authentic as possible. This celebration includes an online educational component where individuals can learn about the Holi origin story, the symbolic nature and meanings behind the colored powder used in celebration, and the experiences of Elon faculty and alum. After working with EMPRESS, Elon’s Pan-Asian Women’s Club, we came up with the idea of a mask “tie-dying” event, using the Holi gulal powders to color masks. With Holi celebrating the triumph of good over evil, we’d like to think that this event, by navigating celebration and community during a pandemic that has caused so much harm, symbolizes that. 


We have learned so much in the planning process of this event and want to thank those that shared their knowledge and experience with us.


Thank you for celebrating with us!


Brittney Hope and Emerson Wells

(Interfaith Intern Coordinators for Holi)

“When I think of Holi, I think of joy! Jan Fuller came up with the idea to create this event in 2012 during the first year she and I worked at the Truitt Center. We gathered a group of Hindu students and talked about ways to celebrate and…  I had many moments of doubt during the planning process, but we pulled it off! On Elon’s campus, Holi is now a beloved tradition and a super fun and exciting way to welcome spring while educating the Elon community about Hinduism. Happy Holi!”

-Jan Register, Truitt Center Administrative Assistant

How Elon Community Members Celebrate Holi