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10 Story People Illustrations by Brian Andreas That Speak to My Soul

Several of the distinctive, colorful, illustrations of Brian Andreas, paired with his short stories commentary on life, purpose, and living in the moment, hang on the walls of my parents' house. I was always drawn to the profoundness of their simplicity. Since discovering Andreas' Instagram where he posts almost daily, I have enjoyed seeing his musings on the world through his Story People. Here are 10 of my favorites-illustrations that have made me pause and think, feel understood, or just laugh. It is a simple list, but sometimes we just need a break.

All images are taken from the artist's Instagram (@BrianAndreas).

Cue my political science major.

I didn't say all of them promote healthy practices...

but some of them do.

An ode to my effort to not add my thoughts to every one of the pictures.

This one reminds me of my grandmothers.

And this one reminds me that it is okay to be overwhelmed with amazement and that finding meaning is a gift.

I hope that these illustrations have inspired thoughts or questions in you too, but maybe you just feel like you got an inside look at my brain. That's okay too, vulnerability is important.

Check out more from Brian Andreas here: https://flyingedna.com

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