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An April Blessing

The days of Holi celebrations, the Festive Easter celebrations, Passover recollections fresh in our hearts, and in the new season of Ramadan’s fasting and spiritual renewal, bring us to bless the hope of the moment we live and those we create in the days to come.

Our hearts rise at the hope that is before us,

the transformation we long for with some trepidation,

the springtime of our souls that we need

in the midst of the cruelties and stresses of the academic season.

We ask blessings on our work pursuits and communities,

on us and our work, our lives, our health, our families.

We are grateful for what is, and our hearts seek deeper meaning and hope.

This is our prayer, our request of the universe and ourselves, of God.

May love lead us, give us strength to choose vulnerability and tenderness over force.

May every pain lead to healing

every sorrow bolster our hearts and minds

and struggles lead us to be compassion.

May all the ways we bow low to the Holy be honored and blessed

And every fast result in feast.

May we be liberated from all the ways we are captive

Moving us from illusion and confusion,

May addiction, injustice, all forms of supremacy and violence crumble to recognition of the dignity of all and our earth

May we be freed from isolation and all manner of separation.

May gun violence become a thing of the past.

May our hearts and families find healing from anxiety

May we see new life spring up in us, our university, and in our world.

May good always triumph in us, in our communities,

May we see and celebrate it.

May we choose and work toward it.

May we speak and live it into existence.

May these blessings bring our minds and souls

To embrace what matters most, and to become what we deeply love.

Let it be for us, Amen.

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