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Celebrating Sustainably!

Sustainable swap ideas for your celebration!

If you’re celebrating Easter, try these sustainable tips!

  • Reuse your plastic Easter eggs each year or swap for an alternative like eggs made from recycled materials

  • Reduce single use plastic by making your own Easter basket grass by cutting up strips of an old newspaper or use green yarn instead

  • Make natural Easter egg dye at home with fruits and vegetables and reduce food waste by eating the hard boiled eggs after you dye them

If you’re observing Ramadan, try these sustainable tips!

  • Cook more vegetable based meals for iftar to reduce meat consumption

  • Reduce food waste by planning meals ahead of time and saving leftovers

  • Reduce your electricity consumption during the day by turning off lights and appliances

If you’re observing Passover, try these sustainable tips!

  • Use organic and locally grown produce for your seder meal

  • Reduce food waste by planning ahead of time and saving leftovers

  • Use as many reusable dishes as you can and if you need more, opt for compostable disposable dishware

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