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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Religion is a complex topic that I never seem to be able to articulate the way I would like

too. I study it ironically and would say I can hold my ground in an academic setting, but when it comes to my own beliefs, I often can’t fully explain myself. Maybe it’s because I’m not sure what I believe in. I was born and raised Catholic, but currently do not identify as such. I’ve always been curious about what’s up there chilling in the sky like most people, and wondered if they were actually listening to me. Personal events happened that caused me to fall out of faith, but despite it all, I could not stop believing there is a higher being up there. Many ask why I study religion and I often give the professional answer: "I’m interested in people and how they try to make sense of the world. Particularly focusing on Religions of the Black Atlantic, as someone apart of the diaspora, I want to do my part in destigmatizing these communities. Through my academics and hopefully in my career, I hope to educate and combat misconceptions people may have due to false representations being portrayed in the media."

Here I am receiving a blessing from a Buddhist monk during my visit to Thailand.

In reality, there is a part of me that hopes to find an answer for myself. I believe people think I hate religion because of how much I critique it, yet that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To be honest, I am jealous of those who have a strong bond with their deity or content with their worldview and is something I hope to have for myself one day. I constantly pray for signs to guide me to where I need to be, but maybe I’m too oblivious. Until then, I will be learning to have more patience with myself on this spiritual journey.

“Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.” ―George Carlin
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