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Numen Lumen | Shariq & Abhi | 4/30/20

Seniors at Elon Abhinav Nitesh and Shariq Ali share on the theme "The Meaning of the Journey: Personal Stories of Change". Abhi and Shariq reflect on the changes their friendship has gone through.

Abhinav is a senior with majors in Data Analytics and Project Management. He has served as Herald for Sigma Pi Fraternity, multi-faith intern and office assistant at the Truitt Center, and office assistant for Residence Life. Abhinav is considering a future as a business analyst, project manager, and house-husband.

Shariq Ali is a senior with majors in International Studies (Middle East Concentration) and Policy Studies. In his time at Elon, he has been involved with the Truitt Center, Elon International Society, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Arabic Language Organization, and more. Shariq is interested in exploring career opportunities related to community development, interfaith dialogue, and cultural education.

Our music this morning is a treat from Corona Choir, a group comprised of 71 singers from ages 16 to 24, singing an a cappella cover of Rise by Katy Perry.

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