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Numen Lumen l Allegra Laing l 5/5/2022

Allegra Laing shares how she realized her dream to study abroad for a year during her time as an undergrad in our final Numen Lumen on "Dreaming." Dreaming, she shares has continued to fuel her hope regardless of the curveballs that life threw at her.

Allegra Laing joined the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center in March 2016 and advises for a portfolio of semester and summer study abroad programs. In her role, Allegra serves as the team lead for developing a targeted approach for integrating inclusive excellence into all aspects of the global engagement process and spearheads initiatives geared towards underserved populations in global engagement.

Previously, Allegra served as the Study Abroad Coordinator at North Carolina A&T State University and as an Education Abroad Advisor at Washington State University. An active member of the North Carolina Association of International Educators and NAFSA: Association of International Educators, she has held leadership positions at the state and regional levels in international education. In 2020, Allegra was a finalist for the Diversity Abroad Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in International Education Award. She is the 2021 recipient of the Martha Fitch Trigonis Excellence in International Education Individual Award from the North Carolina Association of International Educators.


Our Numen Lumen theme this year invites speakers and musicians to ponder the idea of dreaming. “Dreaming” will push our community to traverse the passive and active forms that dreaming takes in our lives. Speakers will explore the literal and figurative series of images, ideas, sensations, and emotions in the mind and through their work.

We ask speakers to ponder where reality and dreaming meet, what form dreaming takes in their everyday lives, and how dreaming directs their pathway. Can dreaming be a productive form of activism? Is dreaming strictly forward-thinking, or can it exist without time restraints? Is dreaming simply an involuntary experience? How may dreaming be dangerous, or irresponsible in the face of real-world issues? Or, where can it be a useful instrument? What are the burdens of dreaming? What or who makes you dream?

We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

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