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Numen Lumen l Cole McCorkle '22 l 9/30/2021

Cole McCorkle '22 shares on the theme "Dreaming". McCorkle uses the "Explore, Exploit Principle" in computer science to help us reflect on time intervals in our lives. With it, he shares ways to continue dreaming as we determine new timelines. For Cole, there is mathematical proof that we should never stop dreaming.

Cole McCorkle '22 is a Senior Computer Science and Sociology student from Atlanta, GA. He has followed his sister's footsteps (Ali McCorkle '19), working at the Truitt Center for his entire Elon career (8 years of McCorkles for Jan!). Cole is also an Elon College Fellow, currently pursuing undergraduate research. You can check out Cole’s research at Elon’s SURF conference this spring. When he isn’t fixing the technology in McBride, you may see Cole rolling around campus on his electric skateboard. Cole isn’t entirely sure where he’ll end up after Elon, but he hopes to make the world a better place through tech.


Our Numen Lumen theme this year invites speakers and musicians to ponder the idea of dreaming. “Dreaming” will push our community to traverse the passive and active forms that dreaming takes in our lives. Speakers will explore the literal and figurative series of images, ideas, sensations, and emotions in the mind and through their work.

We ask speakers to ponder where reality and dreaming meet, what form dreaming takes in their everyday lives, and how dreaming directs their pathway. Can dreaming be a productive form of activism? Is dreaming strictly forward-thinking, or can it exist without time restraints? Is dreaming simply an involuntary experience? How may dreaming be dangerous, or irresponsible in the face of real-world issues? Or, where can it be a useful instrument? What are the burdens of dreaming? What or who makes you dream?

We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

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