• Allison Pelyhes

Numen Lumen l Dr. Prudence Layne l 9/17/2020

Dr. Prudence Layne, Associate Professor of English, shares on the theme "Bridging to Hope". We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

This video was recorded in an enclosed office space.

For our Music this morning our speaker recommends that you listen to the following:

Jimmy Cliff's Many Rivers to Cross (Just one verse and the chorus)

Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come - again, just the first verse and chorus

Dr. Prudence Layne is an experienced, global educator, administrator, academic and scholar. She is highly skilled at developing and implementing programming that guides students to recognize the realities of privilege and social exclusion and actively engages students in personal growth and discovery. As a requested speaker, moderator and workshop leader/facilitator, she stands in the gap between “the town and the gown,” using her public scholarship to reach the broadest audiences possible. Teaching, mentoring, and research specializations reflect a commitment to raising awareness, fostering inclusion and equity, giving voice to marginalized groups, and providing opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community partners to incorporate these values into their respective learning, pedagogy and work.

Now in her 16th year at Elon, her signature achievements include the revitalization of the African & African-American Studies program, established the annual celebration of Black History Month at Elon, and designed and taught more than two dozen new courses, including the reliably waitlisted course “Prison Nation: Deconstructing the Prison Industrial Complex” and “The Call of South Africa.” Dr. Layne hails from Barbados!

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