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Numen Lumen l Father Peter Tremblay l 2/18/2021

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Father Peter Tremblay, Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life, shares on the theme "Bridging to Hope". Father Peter shares about hope as a spiritual discipline. He talks about ways he found hope in his own life and how looking outside of the self for hope and in our communities for strength is most useful to us building this discipline. We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

For our Music this morning, please enjoy Elon's a cappella group, Shirley Tempo's, rendition of "Nobody Knows" by The Lumineers.

Father Peter Tremblay has been the Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life since 2016. He is a member of the Franciscan religious community. He was ordained a Catholic Priest in 2012. Peter served as an associate pastor at St. Paul Church in Kensington, CT as well as a theology and philosophy teacher at Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, MD.

Peter earned a Masters of Divinity degree from the Washington Theological Union is 2011. He has published an online blog article entitiled "God of Love in a Quantum Cosmology". Additionally he has served as a retreat director, preacher, and speaker. He has preached retreats on forgivenss, Christian Hope, Biblical Escatology, A Christian's Response to the Contemporary World, and spoken on Science and Religion, Postmodern philosophy and Catholic Theology, Contemporary Moral Issues among many others.

Peter has served many areas of the University beyond Catholic Life.

He has been an active advocate for mental and emotional health, served as a resouce for the Office of Student Care, the Office for Student Conduct, and Counseling Services. He works hard to advance the multifaith work of the Truitt Center especially Jewish and Catholic interfaith activities.

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