• Allison Pelyhes

Numen Lumen l Jennifer Carroll l 2/9/2021

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Jennifer Carroll, shares on the theme "Bridging to Hope". Carroll shares about learning to live with oneself, consuming articles and scholarship in new ways, and the ways in which the pandemic has altered her reality. She uses a story of the Swedish "Hot Line Riot" as her foundation to share new hope this year. We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

For our Music this morning, please enjoy "Elements," performed by Elon Wind Ensemble from 2011.

Consider joining us at our virtual Ripple Conference this February 19 and 20th. Ripple is a student-led interfaith conference typically held on Elon's campus. This year, we will host students, faculty, and staff across the nation. We will discuss the theme "Intersectional Interfaith." You can check out the details and register for the conference at https://www.rippleconference.org/. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Jennifer Carroll is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Elon. She is a medical anthropologist, research scientist, and subject matter expert on substance use and public health interventions to prevent overdose. Along with her PHD in Anthropology she holds a Masters in Public Health From the University of Washington. Dr. Carroll was highly recommended by a couple of her students to speak at Numen Lumen and I’m thrilled to pass the mic to her this morning. Learn more about Dr. Carroll.

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