• Allison Pelyhes

Numen Lumen l Rev. Dr. Joel Harter l 3/25/2021

Rev. Dr. Joel Harter, shares on the theme "Bridging to Hope". Chaplain Harter shares the ways his own white fragility put him on a journey to facing white supremacy. In assessing, directing, and continuing to show up in spaces he bridges to hope through interrogating racism. We encourage you to share your thoughts and responses to our speaker in the comment section below!

For our music today, please enjoy Elon Musical Theatre performing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Joel Harter supports all the student organizations and affiliated ministries in religious and spiritual life on campus, and he develops programs and multifaith collaborations that support the spiritual and inner well-being of Elon students, faculty, and staff. Joel is an ordained congregationalist minister, who advises LEAF, PUG, and Elon Yoga Club. Joel has graduate degrees from Northwestern University, Harvard Divinity School, and the University of Chicago.

Contact: jharter@elon.edu

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