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WALK: intransitive verb

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

 walk | \ ˈwȯk\

If you had told me a couple months ago that I would be thinking so deeply about “walking,” I would have definitely doubted you. You are just moving along, placing one foot in front of the other. It is the main means of transportation, especially on a college campus. What is so out of the ordinary?

Photo from a recent "mom-walk"

According to Webster-Merriam Dictionary, "walk" means:

  1. to move along on foot: advance by steps

  2. to come or go easily or readily

  3. to go at a walk

  4. to go on foot for exercise or pleasure

Well since COVID-19, moving freely and forward have become much more difficult. Quarantined in a stay-at-home order, I have become quite familiar with every crack and crevice of my home. For someone who thrives when constantly on the go and never in one place for too long, this is quite the achievement.

The most impactful adventures I now go on are: 1) to the fridge to whip up a snazzy meal, 2) to my laptop to do work, 3) to my porch to workout, 4) “mom-walking” around campus and the local neighborhoods. My “mom-walks” have become my favorite part of my quarantine routine. They give me time to reflect.

Photo from a recent "mom-walk"

Quarantine has forced me to pause. Pre-quarantine I was not even walking, I was running: never taking the time to appreciate where I was and my surroundings. I have definitely now become familiar with my surroundings.

That pause in your walk matters. It is where you take a deep breath and recollect yourself. It is where you remember why you are walking.

Photo from a recent "mom-walk"

What has become challenging now, is moving forward. What do I want to do post-graduation in a crashing economy? Is there even a job out there for me? What are my next steps? It is hard to picture what is next in a time like this. I am grateful though because when I start walking again, I will be able to confidently continue on my path.

For now, I will continue my "mom-walks" until I can pick up the pace again.

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